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Dance Intensive For Professionals

with international faculties

LA PERCEPTION Dance Intensive for Professionals is a dance training programme curated especially for all the professional and trained dancers to polish their dance skills and to get an insight about the professional dance life in Los Angeles and other countries. We provide you 8 sessions which include 4 sessions with 4 different International Dance faculties from around the world. These sessions not only include dance training, but it goes way deeper into providing you a lot of information on dance as a career.

NOTE: These sessions are not open for everyone. Please register yourself and send us your video submissions to get selected for this programme.



  • Emphasis on conditioning

  • How to retain a Choreography

  • Being able to do difficult combos

  • Artistic creative choices in the choreography

  • Mindset & Mentality

  • Become a Triple Threat

  • Prepare for your career from home

  • Social Media & marking your presence

  • Talk Sessions & Feedbacks

  • Career Opportunities

  • Personal Progress Reports


Rs. 4000/55$

8 Sessions

sat & sun

6 - 8pm, IST

Limited Seats Only!

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