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I started dancing when I was 7 years old. From a young age I trained myself in different styles; hiphop, modern, contemporary, jazz and ballet. My parents realised really fast that dancing was meant for me and sent me to the ROYAL BALLET SCHOOL in Antwerp, Belgium. After finishing my education at the Kunsthumaniora for Contemporary dance, I moved to Copenhagen, Denmark and joined the International Dance Academy to train in all kind of commercial styles. I’ve traveled to Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, etc. to train myself even more so I can become the best that I can be.

Right now I’m a professional freelance dancer and have appeared on several tv-shows, award shows, music videos, dance productions as a backup dancer. 

For this program I will be teaching Urban (Heels) / Commercial. As a female professional dancer it is really important to feel comfortable to dance on heels and be able to do that in all commercial styles! Which I will also explain in my training. 


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I moved to Los Angeles to train myself and turn into a professional dancer. My mentors are Tre Preston (former senior choreographer for kids bop, main director for millennium dance complex Dallas), Dmac Sandoz (former choreographer for Cody Simpson and Jacob Latimore, Katrina Stuart). Over the years that I've spent in LA, I've trained under various teachers like Cameron Lee, Josh Williams (Taiwan), Shestreet(Sheopatra Jones), Kyle Lester, Laure Courtellemont, Rob Rich, Antoine Troupe, Kolanie Marks, Aleks Samone, Rob Bynes, Brian and Scott Nicholson, Julian de Guzman, Jason Rodelo, Melvin Tim Tim, Superdave, Shotyme, Kennis Marquis , Dexter Carb, Marty Kuldeka, etc.

Hip hop: I’m primarily trained in popping, and bounce hip hop styles as well as b-boying, footwork. I will be teaching Musicality: how I hear music and how you can layer what you hear for multiple forms of interpretation, so when there are empty counts for you to perform, you can make choices faster and more uniquely because you are dialed into the music the way YOU hear it. Use of the negative space (range of motion) contractions

Weight shifting and dancing lightly on your feet and how to press your weight into the ground to utilize deeper depths of your range of motion.


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I am currently 21 years old, I have been dancing since I was 13, dancing professionally since I was 19. I began dancing in Hip Hop & Contemporary, but once my professional career began, my main styles that I dance & teach in are Jazz Funk & Heels. I have trained professionally in Los Angeles and am under mentorship/assistant for two top choreographers - Brooklyn Jai (Jazz Funk) & Brinn Nicole (Heels). This training has allowed me to be able to book jobs & grow my brand into the dance community. 

My skill & what I am able to offer will teach you technique, performance, emotion, sensuality, & how to hear music & musicality. My choreography comes with details that are crucial when it comes to standing out. I can’t wait to begin & see where this journey will lead us all. Not only as dancers, but also for me as a choreographer & teacher.


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I am from London, UK, a multi-talented theatre and commercial dance/choreography graduate. With having mentors and training with industry elites such as Kreativ Mindz Dance Academy in LA owned by Antoine Troupe and Kolani Mark, Aisha Frances programme, Kira Harper, Diana Matos, Sierra Lyons, KAOS and more during my stay in LA. With a long line of professional works from Performing at Saddlers Wells, Peacock Theatre in London to Working with Choreographing for Britains Got Talent and Got To Dance. I also have obtained a Bachelor of the Arts in Dance Practise and Studies specialised in Choreography.

In this session, I wiil work on strength and conditioning training in foundation such as hip hop, jazz and commercial and contemporary styles. I will be also focussing on how to retain choreography - how to adapt choreography to your own style.




I have trained under various famous International Choreographers and teachers like Jojo Gomez, Brooklyn Jai, Dana Alexa, Matt Steffanina, Nika Kljun, WildaBeast Adams, Janelle Ginestra, etc. I have done a Diploma Course from Millennium Dance Complex, Los Angeles. I have also performed at Choreographer's Carnival, Avalon Hollywood along with Brooklyn Jai and some of the amazing dancers from LA and around the globe! I believe in being versatile and have trained myself in Jazz Funk, HipHop, Heels, Jazz, Ballet, Wa-acking, Dancehall, Contemporary, Bollywood, House and other Social dance forms for almost 9 years now. I have also trained and certified in Kathak for 7 years.

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For this Intensive, I'll be taking 4 sessions with you. I will be focussing on Mentality and mindset, professionalism and providing a safe environment to explore and condition yourself as a Professional Dancer. My speciality is to boost and motivate you to not only be a confident dancer, but an overall shining personality. I will be working on your On-Camera Confidence and the characteristics required like feel, character and expressions, and help you get a step closer towards being a professional dancer. I'll be also working on How To Retain A Choreography.

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