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6 abstracts an ARTIST should own like a BOSS

Being an artist is one of those responsibilities of the society that keeps the world going. Its true oxygen, food and water are the basic requisites of survival, but art is the thing that adds to the quality of life. Imagine waking up every day, going to work, coming back and having dinner, sleeping and repeating. Now imagine doing it every day of every month for the X number of years you are destined to be living. Sounds really monotonous and psychotic right? That’s where art comes in. To find an art, hold onto it, and own it, is the way that keeps us human beings going. And to be an artist has its own pros and cons, one of the major cons being hunger. Now one might say that it is the same hunger that acts as an advantage too, which is absolutely right and so it brings me to the abstracts an artist should own and slay like a boss to keep glowing and growing.

  1. Pull Yourself Together: No matter how dark the times are, if you manage to get up and reach the “I CAN DO IT” step, you will do it. Trust the light, there are no answers in the dark.

  2. Find Inspiration: Not that this is some list, but what comes next after you do get up? You ought to find the feeling, the place, the person, anything or everything that you connect to. And that’s simply how you will feel it, for “to express, you need to feel and to create you need the feel.”

  3. Never be Afraid :  Sounds quite simple indeed, but when you look at the aspects of all the places you needn’t be afraid at, the list starts seeming unending and impossible. “Never be afraid of the crowd, never be afraid to express, never be afraid to disappoint yourself, never be afraid of failure”, it just keeps on going! So to keep yourself going and to make  Never Be Afraid a tangible possibility, you read the next subheading! *winks* 

  4. Be Yourself : Be yourself, embrace who you are, and love yourself accepting the flaws. That's the first step of the long journey of never being afraid that you’ll have to explore at least once.

  5. Invest in Yourself :  One of all the setbacks an artist experiences is “not getting recognized” and trust the word when said, it's not important. Ask yourself why you started it in the first place? What is it about your art that makes you love it? Once you have the answers to those, once you rise above the rat race, all you need to do is humbly and patiently invest in yourself. Invest your time, your money, blood and sweat, and everything that you need to nurture your art like a baby. Trust the process, and don’t give up because not all the people in the world have what you have, an art. All the materialistic things jhakk maar ke piche aa jayengi.

  6. Be the Artist by Heart : Sometimes, life hits us hard. The complications and the adversities try their best to take your art away, better said, to take you away from your art. But does that really happen? Not when you are an artist by heart. Now you might be a school teacher, or a doctor, or a businessman by the games of life, but whether or not you quit putting your investment in your art is all you and no games. So decide what it is gonna be like and you might never wanna let go of the one thing that makes your life a little more special.

 Himanny Arora

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