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Solutions To Pandemic Problems

By definition a pandemic refers to a situation when a disease is widespread over an entire country, continent or the world. With the outbreak of coronavirus, the WHO describes the current global situation as a pandemic. All citizens have been advised to stay quarantined at home, step out only in case of emergency with masks and take strict precautions. Everybody is facing unexpected problems depending on their age, socioeconomic background, surroundings and circumstances. Young children are unable to stimulate their mind as the process of socialization has come to a halt meanwhile the adults face financial problems and the old age stay at risk. People who were meant to begin a new phase of life, gain admission in colleges , enter the job market or relocate to another city today stand clueless, hopeless and wonder what to do. In this period it is important to be non-judgmental, empathetic towards others and accept that it is okay to 'not be alright'. Individuals today struggle with feelings of being unproductive and wonder how to make themself grow. This article aims to provide a solution to these problems and help readers find means to stay physically and mentally healthy.

Please understand that one facing mental health issues is not 'mad' but just a person who might have been having negative thoughts which can be removed if he/she has someone to talk to.

To keep your mind engaged you could get involved in the activities listed below:

Cooking- It could be a quick, simple lemonade, a complicated cake abundant with decorations or your essential breakfast, a lunch or a dinner meal, cooking will make you self aware as the process helps you discover your personal strengths and weaknesses.

Reading- Don't worry if you have been parted from your books lately. The internet is full of long reading material, short stories and information on different fields. Feel free to educate yourself, increase your vocabulary, and you will surely get satisfaction.

Writing- Take out a pen and paper, feel liberated as you write down your feelings, emotions and reasons behind your anger, sadness or happiness. If there is a topic that you hold strong opinions of, write it! Venting out emotions with the help of words will give a liberating feeling.

Visual Arts- Paint with a brush, sketch with a pen, draw with crayons or doodle on your workbook. See what you are able to create and enjoy yourself!

Use Technology- Scroll through your phone app store and find new ways of editing photos, videos or. Research about how to use Adobe softwares, design websites, blogs, create animated videos or grapics. You will feel a sense of achievement after understanding how to undo technology.

One must work on body strengthening, flexibility and conditioning, work out regularly to maintain a good level of physical fitness. Remember to use the right technique while exercising in order to prevent injuries. Below are simple ways one can implement at home and take care of their body during this time:

On-the spot workouts- Work on your pushups, crunches, planks, lunges, squats on your yoga-mat if you know the right method. Orelse, run, jog, jump, practice skipping on the spot.

Dance- Play songs, move to it, feel comfortable to do the basic wrong and bounce groove to the beats and remember to smile as you sweat.

Workout Apps/Videos (recommended for intermediate-advance fitness enthusiasts)- Certain apps like Nike Training Club and Adidas Training often provide a set of workouts to strengthen your muscles. Do check the needs if you want to challenge your body with anything new.

Online Classes- Keep your eyes open on social media as a lot of fitness trainers/ dance studios/ yoga teachers have adapted to the new normal and are taking virtual sessions. If you are a beginner to the workout space, this is probably the right place for you.

Don't let the pandemic demotivate you to an extent that you feel so lost. Remember this is just a phase and will be over soon. Till then, count on your blessings and stay calm!

~ Nicita

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