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Using Dressing Styles to Stay at Edge of our Personality

- by Himanny Arora

Have you ever wondered about how you feel low and conscious of your body when you are wearing attire you are uncomfortable in? Have you noticed how drastically it drops your confidence? While on the same day if you get a change of look to a comfortable wear with just the same makeup and hairstyle, you become evidently confident and happy. It is a proven scientific fact that the right kind of clothes can give you a huge confidence boost and will reflect on the outside. It may also enhance your personality.

Personality forms the distinctive character of an individual through their choices, qualities, likes and dislikes. Personality is the projection of one’s outlook to life and the vision towards living a life majorly affects personality. But at the same time personality is affected by a lot of external factors as well. And it surely can be changed. One may or may not be the same person as he is while going to the corporate world. This does not make the person fake, rather one with a dynamic personality. Role-related behaviours like social environment affect personality in a major way. For instance, an individual behaves and dresses up different with parents than with the official colleagues. And there is nothing wrong with it.

As it turns out, another external factor that affects personality is the ‘clothing’. How we dress up plays an important role in how we are feeling and how we will express ourselves, and it can vary on as small as a day’s time. We could give ourselves an extra edge with the clothes that we put on that particular day and let it affect our mood, confidence, attitude etc. Having that said, a specific kind of personality can be developed by wearing the right attire. Role plays by actors in movies is one example. It is simple how clothing can make one look like of a particular profession like teacher, lawyer, etc and, how it can affect the way one looks simple, younger, outrageous or bold, etc.

The choice of colours and style also affects your mood, and your impression on others. However, it is not only about yourself but also the occasion on which the dressing is based. So let’s look at various dressing styles you could pull off if you are a person of change:

  • Yoga/ Workout: Maintaining the shape of the body and your body’s salient features is important for your clothes to look flattering on you. Workout or gymming tones your body and enhances how you look. It also helps one remain fit and healthy. Yoga is another trending and helpful approach to fitness. But going to gym or yoga sessions in night suits or casuals? Not cool. A proper workout gear with duffle bag, headbands and towels should look really cool. Oh and don't forget the water bottle!

  • Office/ Professional Life: Don’t dress for the job you have but for the job you want! And it’s true. Being appropriately dressed in professional circle is vital to one’s personality. If you want to weigh heavy and be heard, earn it with your clothing apart from your confidence. Men would look really classy when they choose formal attires neatly ironed and tucked. Shirt, pants, tie, formal shoes and watch should do just right. However for a bossier look or a look of more winter, blazers could be added too. Women always have a lot of options and I have often seen men rant about it. So why not show it off? From blazers, skirts and formal blouses to semi formal blouses and pants you can rock anything. Try to use English colours like sage, mauve, etc.

  • Casual Takeouts: As the name itself suggests- ‘casual’. Be it casual takeout dinners or long walks at night, you are sorted with a casual attire that looks trendy. Make sure you use all 'em flip-flops dying to go out of your closet. Take a sling bag, pair it with jeans and an oversized t-shirt and you're good to go. If you do want to add something gleaming, add classy thin choker chain and hoops! Men could do oversized t-shirts with denims too but a cuter option would be a pair of joggers and casual wrist watch. You could also add a bucket hat or your usual cap in a brighter shade like red if your clothes are dark to medium in shade.

  • Beaches: If you live in a beach city, its perrrrfect! Romantic dates, night-outs with friends, picnics and what-not can be done on a beach. Beaches are real mood-uplifters and so should be your colours. People like to go with brighter bikini colours like neons or pinks, and reds. Men also prefer red but are more inclined towards blues and its variance. Other than what you are going to bathe in, major portion of your attire is formed by the over-layer of it all. Loose see through semi traditional kurtas, or chikan work could be a cool look if they are of lighter shades. Although most women prefer something like a one piece. Low cut pieces of lighter shades and frilly and flairy from the bottom speak good essence. Jute hats would be like cherry on top.

Men could always just go for light shade t-shirts with the boxers. Take hats that match your attire.

  • Date Nights/ Dinners: A woman always likes a man in a suit! So go for it without a question, although a lot of experiment could be done with the suits- their kinds, pieces and colours. Contrast shirts can be pulled off by anyone and are always in trend but to give a more chic look go for whole colour three-piece set. For instance a black shirt with a black pant-blazer will look really classy with an add-on of ‘napkin and tie’ of bright colours. As it has been proven that the options for a woman are unlimited *winks*, nothing can be fixed for her as a date night, although a statement gown is always an impression! These days one could go for long satin gowns that are in trend.

Satin ought to give a royal look and the fall of a satin dress is always pretty. Evergreen as it may be, it also is very cliché. To have a unique date look, and surprise your better half with a flair-bottom high slit dress. Add a pearl choker in neck and pearl heads in the ears to reach perfection! A contrasting fur coat could be taken for winter season. And don’t forget your sleekest pair of heels ladies!

It has been established how our sense of dressing could impact our impression on others and our impression of ourselves. So what are you waiting for? Explore your closet, create some kick-ass combinations and drop them below in the comment section!

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